Candidates 2013

The road to the World Championship begins with the Candidates tournament, starting next week. It is going to be a double round-robin, featuring 8 of the strongest players in the world. Ironically, the lowest rated participant, Boris Gelfand, lost the championship match last year.

This is not just another top-class tournament; it is to decide who gets to face Anand in October (which looks like it might take place in India). Expect fighting chess (and only a minimal number of lifeless draws, hopefully).

In preparation for the tournament, Chessbase is doing a detailed portrait of every competitor, starting with Grischuk. Good info in there, including his records vs all the other participants (6 draws and 1 loss vs Carlsen, for example).

See FIDE for the official schedule; here are the first three rounds:



One thought on “Candidates 2013

  1. Ernie

    Should be an exciting event. No weak points in this class. I am making a surprise pick and will go with Kramnik. Carlsen of course is considered the favorite. Many feel Levon Aronian also has a decent chance to advance. Let the games begin



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