Carlsen is mortal

It is not often that the strongest chess player in the world loses as White. The man who took him down, Vassily Ivanchuk, was not having a great tournament, losing more than once by exceeding the time control. But Ivanchuk is known for an almost savant-like approach to chess, with the ability to produce masterpieces and blunders (relatively speaking) with equal frequency. He gave an example of the former yesterday, by defeating Carlsen in a Sicilian defense. Unfortunately for Carlsen, this is not just a rare loss at a major event, but possibly a major blow to his chance to take on Anand in the World Chess Championship. He now sits a half point behind tournament leader, Vladimir Kramnik, with only two rounds to go. Kramnik also won yesterday, defeating the ‘other’ tournament favorite, Levon Aronian. According to the computers Aronian had a draw (4 pawns vs. 1 pawn and Bishop), but blundered late, allowing Black to keep his lone pawn and threaten to queen. Another game worthy of dedicated study.

Instead of presenting the games here, I’ll give you a link to ChessVibes, who has an excellent summary of the round, with annotations for all the games.


One thought on “Carlsen is mortal

  1. Ernie

    That what some game between Aronian and Kramnik. Aronians g6 instead of h6 which I am sure would have at least been a draw lost the game for him. Just an exciting game.

    Ivanchuk played a classic endgame vs Carlsen. Even though still a 1/2 point behind Kramnik don’t count Carlsen out.


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