Nakamura in Norway

Those following the US Championship may be wondering why the top US player, GM Hikaru Nakamura, is not playing. He decided to participate in a super-GM tournament in Norway, featuring the World Champion GM Anand as well as his newly-minted challenger, GM Carlsen. That decision of Nakamura’s appears to have paid off, as yesterday he defeated Anand with the Black pieces, and is now in sole 2nd place, only behind Karjakin, who is having an incredible tournament with 4 wins in 4 rounds (and a performance rating of 3117). On Wednesday Nakamura will face Karjakin, so assuming his good form continues (there is a lot more chess to play, against a very strong field), he will soon have his chance to gain on the leader. A win in such a strong tournament would be the result of his career by far – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and just enjoy his win against Anand.



One thought on “Nakamura in Norway

  1. Ernie

    I see Carlsen is making a nice comeback and is within a 1/2 point of the leader. Nakamura in 3rd place. Still impressive after defeating the World Champion Anand he is ahead of Anand and World Number 2 Aronian.
    BTW congratulations are in order for the US Champion 2013 Gata Kamsky and on the ladies side Irina Krush.


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