World Rapid and Blitz

Perhaps surprising that Nakamura is not participating, given his incredible skill at fast time controls, but our other American elite GM, Gata Kamsky, is. The World Rapid Championship just finished, and the World Blitz will be starting tomorrow. In the Rapid tournament Kamsky finished with 9 points out of 15, a very respectable tie for 5th. The winner is Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (yes, I had to check the spelling three times).

Here’s Gata’s game in the last round, a win vs Vladimir Potkin. I love how Kamsky plays “club” openings like the London – and is quite successful at them.

Chessbase has a good introduction and overview of the tournament. You have to admit that Russia knows how to throw a chess event; the opening ceremony looks like something out of an awards show.



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