FIDE World Cup 2013

One of the most exciting events in sports is the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, also known as March Madness. Sixty-four teams* compete, and after 6 rounds a champion is crowned. Soccer has something similar, the World Cup (although, being soccer, it isn’t nearly as exciting). But for us chess fans, we have something to rival those events – the FIDE World Cup. One hundred and twenty eight players from around the world will meet in Norway to determine who gets to play in another event next year to maybe challenge the World Champion…you know, it is FIDE, the path is complicated. But that’s not important (to us, at least); we get to witness a massive tournament of two game matches, starting August 10th and going through September 3rd.

In addition to the usual US suspects, Nakamura and Kamsky,  seven other American players will compete:

G. Kaidanov (USA)
A. Shabalov (USA)
A. Ramirez (USA)
A. Onischuk (USA)
C. Holt (USA)
L. M. Christiansen (USA)
R. Robson (USA)

The official site promises live game analysis and video commentary, and have provided a PDF of the pairings, so that you and your friends can run your own fantasy brackets.


* – Recently they added a couple play-in games where they consider the loser, usually a middling school from a Podunk conference, as having played in the tournament, but no one takes that seriously. It is 64 teams, and will always be 64, until they add a round and make it 128 teams.


One thought on “FIDE World Cup 2013

  1. Ernie

    Can’t wait to see how the US representatives do in this event. Very important not to fall behind in these matches.


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