Bobby Fisher was right

The Russians are cheats. Inflammatory statement? Then how do you explain the Don Cup 2010 Invitational tournament, played in Azov, Russia?

According to statistician and scourge of chess cheats, Ken Regan, the entire tournament appears to have been manufactured for the purpose of providing IM norms. As in, all the games were generated by the computer.

How does he know this? Math. Because he was originally curious if the losers in the tournament were intentionally playing worse, he ran their games through his models, which provide a performance rating based on how well the player’s moves match the top moves of a chess engine. What he found was astounding – the losers had an average performance rating of 2925!

That is to say, the losers in this tournament (where average rating was 2395), played better than Magnus Carlsen.

He then took a look at ALL the games, and found that the chance that a bunch of 2400 players were able to play these games on their own was about 1 in 163 x 10^36. I believe those odds are higher than if you sat around waiting for all the atoms in your car to transport all at once (thanks to quantum mechanics) 10 feet to the right.

If FIDE cared about this issue, they would ban all players involved. Thanks to The Chess Mind for mentioning this story.


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