2013 NY State Championship

The state championship will be taking place in Albany, starting August 30th and going over Labor Day weekend. It historically has drawn many Vassar-Chadwick members out of their cozy Mid-Hudson Valley homes to battle the best in the state. There’s still time to enter, but I’ve checked the advanced entries and wanted to give a shout out to those I recognize – good luck in the tournament! I hope you win all your games (unless you end up playing each other, in which case a 14 move draw seems appropriate).

Open section

David Antonucci – tough section, extra good luck to you!

Lonnie Kwartler

Under 2100 section

Michael Semel

Ken Evans

Under 1800 section

Brandon Wang

Under 1500 section

Mark Webb


One thought on “2013 NY State Championship

  1. Ernie

    Brandon and Darius represented us well by tying for 2nd-4th in the NYS Under 1800 Championships. Congrats to both. They drew in their individual game.


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