NY State Championship results

Darius Jafary and Brandon Wang tied for 2nd (with 3 others) in the Under 1800 section, taking home $190 each – but more importantly, proving they are among the best Class B players in the tri-state area…and likely destined to hit Class A and beyond. Especially Brandon, blessed with youth, who hit an all-time high rating of 1744. Take a look at his rating history chart:

brandon wang rating chart


David Antonucci may have only had 1 win and 1 draw, but that draw was against Patrick Chi (who finished with 4/6, a half point out of 2nd place). It is tough playing the Open section of the NY Championship, but getting a draw against a Master is something to be proud of. To give a sense of the competition, David only lost 1 rating point.

Ken Evans finished with 2.5 in the Under 2100 section, losing in the first round to the eventual winner, Rifeng Xia.

Mark Webb also ended up with 2.5 points in the Under 1500 section.

Congrats to all who spent Labor Day weekend hard at work over the board in Albany. With a week to recuperate you should all be ready to start the September Swiss at Vassar, first round next Monday, September 9th.


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