FIDE Grand Prix update

They are currently playing in the 6th and final leg of the 2012-2013 FIDE Grand Prix cycle. The tournament site is in Paris, so it is perhaps fitting that most games have been mutual surrenders (draws). Only one decisive game each of the first two rounds; Gelfand took down Giri in round 1, and Fressinet defeated Grischuk in round 2. Other than that, draw, draw, draw.

Nakamura, coming off a very nice Sinquefield Cup finish (2nd place), is participating, but is out of Candidate contention. According to Wikipedia (glad someone is able to figure out these rules):

Topalov has clinched overall first place in the Grand Prix after the Beijing tournament, thus winning a spot in the 2014 Candidates Tournament. Mamedyarov will finish second and qualify for the 2014 Candidates tournament unless either Grischuk or Caruana finish in clear first place in the final Grand Prix tournament in Paris.

Probably another big reason most of the games are draws.


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