Warming up or a sign of things to come?

Good morning! As you probably know, the Anand-Carlsen World Chess Championship has started. Games begin at 4:30am EST, so I don’t blame you if you don’t follow them live. But that let’s us wake up, grab a coffee, and go over the hard-fought game at our leisure.

Today was game one, and Carlsen had White. If you do go over this game, don’t grab a large cup of coffee, as it ended in a 16 move draw.

Normally you wouldn’t want to waste your chance as White, although maybe they are both warming up, probing each other’s abilities – hard to say from the peanut (patzer) gallery what kind of meta-games these two could be playing. But the end result isn’t something to write home about (yet).

You can click through the game here, or at many other places, including the official tournament site. Carlsen started with 1. Nf3, one of those non-opening openings, and fianchetto’d both of his bishops. I better see someone play 1. e4…

You will not have a hard time following this match; Chessbase as usual is great (check their report on the opening ceremony for some good pictures).


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