Well at least 1. e4 was played…

Anand had White in game 2 and bravely set the tone with 1. e4. Magnus, either still suffering from jet lag or from a bad order of chicken chettinad, meekly answered with c6 (just kidding, I know some of our members like the Caro-Kann).

According to the GM commentator, there were some chances to put up a fight, but once the queens were exchanged it looked like both sides were happy with another draw. They have yet to make to move 30 (and it’s obvious Sofia rules are not in play), but at least it’s an improvement over game 1. Maybe by game 10 we’ll see a real battle worthy of the World Championship. If not, then I think it is time to implement Fisher random (aka Chess960) in these kind of matches. Turn off the chess engine, and rely on the tactical/positional wizardry stored in your head. Ok, enough ranting. Don’t get up early tomorrow, game 3 is on Tuesday.


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