Round 3: Carlsen-Anand

Well it’s a first – I woke up, checked the game, and it is still in progress. That’s a good sign. As I type this Carlsen is on the move (28). The computers give the evaluation slightly in Black’s (Anand’s) favor, but you can’t put too much stock in the evaluation when it is less than .25 points in either direction. It’s an interesting position right now, where Carlsen’s queen has been on h1 for 3 moves.

White to move

White to move

It certainly looks to this patzer’s eyes like Anand has some advantage here. Maybe if Carlsen loses this game he’ll ditch the 1. Nf3/Reti/Catalan snore fest.


2 thoughts on “Round 3: Carlsen-Anand

  1. Ernie

    Turns out it was a fighting draw today. Some commentators believe …29.Bxb2 may have given Anand a better winning chance. However Ananlysis will have to confirm. BTW a really competitve Blitz tourney at Vassar last night. I personally like the straight 5 minute traditional blitz time control.

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