Holiday Chess Clues

One of my favorite sites,, is holding a holiday contest. Sixty-four clues, and if you are the first to find the answer to a clue you will win some kind of prize, such as four months free premium membership. Each clue will refer to a game (usually by the seven digit game id) that can be found on their site. Be warned, the clues are not easy. In fact, they seem incredibly hard to me. Of course you could get very lucky and stumble on the game by chance – then click the link and claim the prize. Just tell everyone you figured out the clue. Here’s a clue that was solved; can you figure out what game it references?

My Top 10 List

  1. Frederick Esling
  2. Christopher Eagle
  3. John Emms
  4. Louis Eichborn
  5. Peter Enders
  6. James Aitken
  7. Jaan Ehlvest
  8. Keith Arkell
  9. Wang Yu
  10. Max Weiss

Here’s another clue, with the solution, to give you an idea of what it takes:

Stuck in Clue Purgatory


SOLUTION:  Hjartarson vs I Sokolov, 2003
PRIZE:  A Four Month Free Subscription to
COMMENT:  “PEG’S LAW” is a mnemonic for memorizing the seven deadly sins (pride, envy, gluttony, sloth, lust, avarice, wrath). According to Dante’s Purgatorio the sins have numbered terraces in order of severity, which are (from worst to least): 1. Pride, 2. Envy, 3. Wrath, 4. Sloth, 5. Avarice, 6. Gluttony, 7. Lust. Therefore, PEG’S LAW corresponds to the number 1264753.

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