Tata Steel tournament starts Saturday

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament, colloquially known as Wijk aan Zee (after the town in the Netherlands where it takes place), starts on Saturday. The field has always been strong, and this year is no exception – although for the first time since 2004, GM Carlsen is not playing (the world champ deserves to rest for a bit, don’t you think?).

The ‘A’ group consists of 12 players, with Aronian and Nakamura (#2 and #3 in the world) heading the pack. The ‘B’ group (aka, Challengers section) will feature Kayden Troff, from Utah – the current U14 world champ. Also playing in this group is a personal favorite of mine, GM Baadur Jobava from Georgia (the country, not the state). In addition to having a great name he is known for playing offbeat openings, including 1. b3, so look for some interesting games from him.

The official site will offer live streaming of games with commentary, in addition to the other known places.


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