Mendez shares 2nd at Foxwoods U1600!

Congratulations to Vassar-Chadwick member Michael Mendez, for his impressive tournament performance at the recently completed Foxwoods Open. After seven rounds (a grueling schedule for sure), he finished with 5 points, tied with 3 other people. His last round game was against one of the other leaders, which I’ll assume was a hard-fought draw to secure a share of 2nd. For his efforts Mendez took home $575 – it would have been even more, but a smaller than expected turnout forced the organizers to cut the prize fund in half. According to the USCF report, the tournament (which had not run in 5 years) may not come back to Foxwoods any time soon if they cannot secure the Easter holiday weekend.

While preparing this post I noticed another name familiar to our club – Ron Holland also played in the U1600 section, and also did very well, sharing 6th place and taking home almost $200. I didn’t find any other members, so if you see someone I missed, post it in the comments.

Foxwoods 2014 standings U1600


As of this writing there’s an issue with the USCF crosstable page, so I cannot show the full results, with rating updates and such.


One thought on “Mendez shares 2nd at Foxwoods U1600!

  1. Ernie

    Congratulations to both of our representatives at the Foxwoods tournament. Both Mendez and Ron Holland have been improving. Thank you gentlemen for representing our club!!


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