Zurich Chess Challenge 2014

Billed as the strongest chess tournament in history, the Zurich Chess Challenge main event starts today. It features the #1 (World Champion Carlsen) and #2 (Aronian) in the world, along with former World Champ Anand, former challenger to the title, Gelfand, and two strong players who hold US citizenship: Nakamura and Caruana.

Yesterday they held a blitz tournament, which was jointly won by Carlsen and Aronian, demonstrating that their world ranking matches the level of their play.

As I type this the first round has just begun. Nakamura has white against Caruana, Carlsen has white against Gelfand, and Aronian has white against Anand. You can follow the games live, along with video commentary, at the official site.

In round 3, Nakamura will again have white, this time against Carlsen. Should be interesting.

How did Nakamura do against the World Champ in the Blitz event? Here’s the game:



2 thoughts on “Zurich Chess Challenge 2014

  1. Ernie

    I see Carlsen and Aronian lived up to their 2800 ratings. Nakamura drew a tough game vs Caruana. This is truly an elite field. Jeannie also belongs but I guess everyone can’t play. Carlsen won a nice game vs Gelfand. Aronian beat former World Champ Anand.

  2. Ernie

    Today is Nakamura’s chance to break the Carlsen curse. Good luck but a tough challenge is in store vs the World Champ.


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