Shamkir 2014

The very strong tournament held in memory of Vugar Gashimov is underway, with round 2 going on as I type this. The top section is a double round-robin, and at least one of the matches today should provide interest: Carlsen vs Nakamura.

You can hear live commentary (in English, so far) at the official site, and check out ChessBomb for a real-time board view of the games (with computer engine analysis).


2 thoughts on “Shamkir 2014

  1. Ernie

    World Champion Magnus Carlsen loses two in a row. Nakamura still has a chance to compete for the top prize at the half way point.

  2. Ernie

    Carlsen wins again defeating GM Carauana in the final round. This kid is really good. Wonder how he would have fared vs Kasparov and Fischer at their peak levels. Sadly we will never know.


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