Recent tournaments

I haven’t been following the top tournaments recently, so I have to thank Ernie for pointing out a nice game by Caruana at the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2014. Calling a tournament a “meeting” really undersells it; I expect a bunch of bored people sitting around a conference table and talking in circles without accomplishing anything. But perhaps my day job has biased my opinion of that word.

It’s a small field, but strong. Besides Caruana there’s Kramnik, Adams, Leko, Ponomariov, Naiditsch, and a couple local (German) 2600s – also known as cannon fodder.

Today they will be starting the penultimate round, but the game Ernie (and I) would like to draw your attention to occured in Round 2. Clicking here will bring you to a playable version of the complete game, but before you play it through you should spend some time trying to find White’s move.

White to move

White to move

Other ongoing tournaments include Biel, featuring Vachier-LaGrave and Giri, and Bergamo, featuring Nepomniachtchi , Wesley So and (one of my favorites for his interesting opening play) Baadur Jobava.


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