Manhattan Open

July rating: 1807

(unofficial) current rating, as of 7/28: 1961

It isn’t often a class A player gains over 150 points in a month. What if the player is nine years old? Yes, Brandon Wang has had a good month, and is now knocking on the Expert door (more like getting ready to smash it down). Assuming his rating stands, he could easily end up as one of the top 10 nine year old chess players in the country. Impressive, to say the least.

How do you end up having such a good chess month? It’s easy, just tie for first in your section in two large tournaments. You know, that thing that none of us have ever done. No big deal.

First Brandon dominated the Under 2010 section of the Bradley Open, then followed it up a week later by demolishing the Under 2000 section of the Manhattan Open. In the process taking home enough money to get the attention of the IRS.

Congrats, Brandon, for having a great month – keep that momentum and who knows how high you can reach. Maybe your Dad will take you out of school so you can devote all your time to chess!


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