Strongest tournament in history?

Maybe it is, but does it really matter? Just enjoy six of the strongest players in the world compete in St. Louis. The Sinquefield Cup, named after America’s top chess benefactor, started yesterday and is well worth following.

You can see the games, along with video commentary, on the official site.


Magnus Carlsen (World Champion and #1 in the world)

Levon Aronian (#2)

Fabiano Caruana (#3)

Hikaru Nakamura (#5)

Veselin Topalov (#8)

Maxime Vacher-Lagrave (#9)

If you only catch part of the event, make sure to check in today, as Nakamura will have White against Carlsen.


2 thoughts on “Strongest tournament in history?

  1. Ernie

    Nakamura was able to draw the Champion Carlsen. Carauna has 2/2 and leads the tourney defeating Topalov. Aronian defeated the French GM LaGrave.

  2. Ernie

    We are witnessing one of the most dominant runs at this level with Caruana sweeping the field at 5-0. Of course there is still the second half of the tournament to go. Last years participant Gata Kamsky is playing in this years NY State Championship. Several of our members are also participating in various sections.


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