Catching up on chess news

Posting has been sparse lately, so here is a collection of recent stories that may be of interest to the club.

1. In the recently completed Millionaire Chess event in Las Vegas, I noticed that Vassar-Chadwick member Darius Jafary played in the Under 1800 section, and did well (4/7). Was that enough to recover the $1000+ entry fee? We’ll have to ask him next time we see him at the club (and if he’s wearing a fancy new suit, the answer is probably yes)

DariusBy the way, the overall winner of the tournament was Wesley So, who took home $100,000! That can buy an awful lot of chess opening books…

2. Also recently completed, the Baku Grand Prix, featuring 12 of the strongest players in the world, was won (jointly) by (champion of the white hairs) Boris Gelfand and (on fire, almost unstoppable) Fabiano Caruana.

Nakamura ended with a respectable 6/11 in the round robin, although with an uncharacteristic number of draws.

3. The World Junior, taking place in India, is still going on (it’s a 13 round tournament!). Yesterday was a rest day, and Chessbase has a nice pictorial report.

The only representative from the United States in the Open section is William Fisher, an incredibly strong junior player from NYC who we’ve had the pleasure to see come to our club events over the last month. I wish the USCF would advertise his participation.

Fisher at World Junior 2014

That’s all for now…


One thought on “Catching up on chess news

  1. Ernie

    Well in the second Grand Prix event on this Championship cycle Nakamura wins in Round 1. Carauna the number one seed was defeated by the French GM LaGrave.


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