London Chess Classic 2014 has started

The format is a little confusing, as it includes multiple tournaments under the LCC umbrella. This weekend (12/6-7) is the Super Rapidplay Open, featuring a rare mix of woodpushers and super-GMs. The super-GMs will battle amongst themselves starting 12/10. The lineup:

London Chess classic superGM lineupIn the first round of the rapid play, the top players all won. There was an upset however, as Nigel Short drew against a “lowly” 2350.

Nakamura, with black in the first game, continues to play just about anything in the opening. This time it was: 1. d4 d6 2. Nf3 f5, which I suppose is a strange way to get to a Dutch.

The official site is well laid out, and you can watch (and replay) live games there.


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