Nakamura tops in Gibraltar

At the recently completed Gibraltar Masters, Nakamura took first with 8.5/10, and a $30K (in US) check. You can see his games here; of special note is his nice win over Topalov, and a missed win as Black in a rook endgame against David Howell…apparently there’s an endgame technique known as the Vancura defense that would have helped here. Even the world elite can’t remember everything in endgame theory – and who can blame them, the endgame is boring! Personal opinion, of course…ironically, one of the games featured in that Vancura article is a demonstration of Nakamura utilizing it to draw against Radjabov.

In other news, here is a Jeopardy-like question for you:

This Latvian GM has recently defeated world champion Magnus Carlsen two games in a row.

Give up?

Why not check game #1 and game #2 to see for yourself?


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